One of my greatest passions in life is service and charity work. My husband and I were the Founders of the formerly known Project Lead Kindly, a nonprofit organization that assisted women and children in need and offered scholarships & free workshops that empowered girls & women to lead kindly. In my life, I have realized that I have taken most interest in pursuing things that almost always involve assisting women or children in some form or another. Whether it was through my choice in a nursing career, the decision to establish a nonprofit, through social media, how I speak or perform at various events, and every day life.

I love opportunities to support or uplift others, specifically fellow women and children in need or those who have forgotten their worth and potential. I strongly believe as we honor and strive to take care of our women and children, tragic cycles can be broken, lives can find purpose for good, we can lend a hand in healing heartache, and the world would be a much kinder place.

Here are snippets of my past experience in this rewarding work. You can click on each image to view more info about it: