Pamela Kay Macdonald is an aerialist based in Los Angeles, California.  She consistently trains in multiple disciplines within the aerial world of circus arts, including aerial hammock, hoop, tissu (silks), and flying trapeze.

She is currently available for:

  • solo hammock performances
  • duo hammock performances
  • public speaking presentations (see below). 

Pamela has a wide range of experience in community service & public speaking through her professional nursing career, non-profit work, and fitness background. Her aerial/speaking presentations can be geared towards any audience, but she especially has experience and a great love for working with women and youth.

Pamela offers special speaking presentations where she uniquely combines aerial performance with motivational speaking to uplift and encourage audiences. Attendees get a glimpse into the world of aerial arts as they watch a combination of aerial performance and hear uplifting messages.

Book a presentation for your next event, conference, fundraiser, youth camp, etc.

“The Mormon Aerialist” AERIAL/SPEAKING PRESENTATIONS (for LDS events):
Pamela is also available for LDS firesides, conferences, camps, and other events.  She is a convert/member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Her aerial performance/speaking presentations as “The Mormon Aerialist” are geared for LDS events and are a unique way to share her testimony through aerial dance and through word. She brings her experience in serving and motivating women and children in need through her nursing profession and non-profit work, speaking at various youth stake conferences, as well as at the Southern California LDS Influencers Conference sponsored by Bonneville Communications. She loves sharing how her faith & testimony drives all that she does within her work, service, and family life.

For questions or to book a special aerial/speaking presentation, email