Poem: "How Do You Play?"

All around you are land & sea, land & sea,
heard within them a still, small voice: "there's a soul within thee...
You are the home of a brave heart, freedom vast as the land.
Is your drum as strong as its beat? Your works numerous like the sand?"

Then you see words float,
they slice apart or repair.
You see shifts in a room
when your presence is there
Whether to one side they rise,
or down the other they go,
You strain to see the direction
of that which you sow...

Your eyes flash open & all around you are land & sea, land & sea,
Filled with thousands of eyes that may look towards thee,
Now is the moment, be steady thy feet,
with will vast as the land,
strengthen your drum, power your beat. 

[written by: Pamela Kay Macdonald]
copyright 2016
another sneak peek from the shoot with Luna Capri Photography by Sara Pacheco
Carolina Takahashi (makeup), Blume (hair/lashes), 

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