Sneak Peek of Girl Power

EEK! I saw this sneak peek of that shoot from last week & I just need to preach: the inspiring women I get to work with & meet & am privileged to greet as my peeps are freakin freaks at the various talents they practice & teach!

Women can empower each other rather than tower over each other! Reach out to one another, work together, encourage each other's talents, and create amazing things together! #HappyInternationalWomensDay

More photos to come from this styled shoot I was in!
Thank you to all the empowering & inspiring women involved!

Photographer: Luna Capri Photography by Sara Pacheco
Makeup: Carolina Takahashi Makeup Artist
Hair: Amanda Tuller/Blume Beauty Bar
Lashes: Amy Miller/Blume Beauty Bar
Crown: Love Sparkle Pretty
Model: Pamela Kay Macdonald

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