A reminder for bad days, but also especially for good days..

There's a reason I took this photo of my husband with our daughter. Here's something I hope will be a reminder for you all on bad days...but also especially on good days....

I wasn't going to share this but now that I've had time to think, I feel I should. My husband got into a car accident on his way to work the other day with his carpool. Somehow, everything was aligned so that nothing tragic happened. A railing they crashed into protected them from going over a cliff (yes, a cliff. And there were portions of that road that didn't even have railings!) after they hit some ice on the road and lost control to the other lane. Luckily no oncoming traffic was in the lane they swerved into at that exact moment as well. Everyone was bumped and bruised, but thankfully, were able to walk away and are doing ok. It could've been a lot worse, and it's that "could've been" that I need to keep out of my thoughts, as it'll eat me up alive. That's my first thought for you all: Don't focus on the "could've been"s. There are blessings in every challenge, big or small.

Needless to say, these days have consisted of a lot more tears from me, even more hugs, staring at him for psycho-long amounts of time, and extra stalking with my camera as I catch him being the good dad that he is to my kids. I love him and am so grateful he's mine forever.

And my second thought for you all is this: We tend to say/do these kind things more when tragic things happen, but I want to say it on a good day too -- Please hug your loved ones tighter, don't go to bed angry, kiss them goodbye, and tell them you love them..not just when close-calls happen, but every day.

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